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It is an honour and a pleasure to have worked with many First-Class companies and organizations across Canada and around the globe.

"Karen was very inspiring and made us all feel so special. Very interesting and relatable approach for our international conference group."

Sarah Joseph
Director of Opreations
IHG Owners Association

"Since working with I Promise Performance I have more of that “Can do anything” attitude! Amazing job! Enjoyed each day!"

Jen Gilbert

“At Lindsay Construction, we know the importance that health and wellness plays in overall wellbeing so we committed to providing opportunities for employees to work towards their health-related goals.

Starting in 2013, IPPI has helped us to implement a program that encourages positive lifestyle changes such as stress reduction, healthy eating, and exercise.

Ultimately, people are making real changes in their lives as a result of the program and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far.”

Cory Bell
J.W. Lindsay Enterprises Limited

"MMS has been a happy I Promise Performance customer since making the decision to use their services.

The amazing I Promise team has been there motivating our company every step of the way starting with group sessions and fun challenges through to wellness days and custom-built health and wellness one-on-one sessions.

We are a stronger company with healthier minds and bodies all thanks to I Promise!"

Adam Baggs
President and CEO
Master Merchant Systems

"Employees at the Halifax Port Authority enjoy a variety of wellness programming including weekly bootcamp workouts, biannual nutrition challenges, and full Health Risk Assessments.

The Halifax Port Authority saw a 50% decrease in employee health benefit claims since starting their focus on employee wellness, which included working with I Promise Performance.”

Karen Oldfield
President and CEO
Port of Halifax

"Lealin Ltd., a company that owns nine McDonald’s restaurants in Halifax, received the inaugural “People Excellence Award” from McDonald’s global headquarters after working with I Promise Performance.

We have been using I Promise Performance’s complete in-house services for over 500 McDonald’s employees in Halifax. There have been many benefits from the services provided, including lower employee turnover, increased productivity, higher shift attendance, increased morale, lower WCB claims and accident rates, and more corporate pride and better customer service.

I Promise Performance is an entrenched part of our team!”

David Murray
President and Owner Operator McDonald's Restaurants
Lealin Limited

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