Top 15 Athletes in Nova Scotia!

Posted Oct 4, 2018


Today I received my framed Top 15 Athletes Dinner signed commemorative jersey and I re-lived the moments of that special night all over again!  What an absolute honour to be on stage with the voted all-time top athletes in Nova Scotia sport history!

I owe a deep debt of gratitude to everyone at the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame and specifically, Bruce Rainnie for ensuring that the night was so special!

I am grateful to my parents and family, who were in attendance that night and I’m so fortunate that I got to have 10 Strong Beauty women present at my table to share in the experience.  I hope that it is a night that you all will remember for long.

I am eternally grateful for my coach, Csom and my club, Cheema for their support over the years and the Atlantic Division Canoe Kayak Canada along with, Canoe Kayak Canada.

Thank you all for your presence, guidance, support and smiles over the years!

Sharing this night with so many athletes, sports fans and youth made it so memorable for me, personally.  I honour you all.

I can’t wait to see what the next Top 15 athletes dinner will look like well into the future!

#DREAMBIG #StrongBeauty

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