Posted Oct 24, 2016

Fall can be a time of busy schedules and trying to get stuff done!

Let’s face it, summer seems like a distant memory and fall just seems to feel like we are pressed for time and can leave us feeling more than a little overwhelmed…

When I get feeling like my schedule has been in a whirlwind and there aren’t enough hours in the day, I’ve had great success with thinking about this little acronym: WIN.

What’s Important Now gets me back to basics and teaches me to settle in and focus on those important things.

I find that making a list helps me to get honed in on those important tasks and to-do’s first.

Here’s the exercise:

Start with a blank piece of paper and as a free-write exercise, jot down everything that is on your plate.  I mean everything.  Brainstorm-style.

After your list is complete, circle your to-do’s based on colour-coded themes, ie: work, household, family, social, etc.

Once you’ve completed this step, now you can get really creative.  Dividing a piece of paper into quadrants, separate your quadrants into categories:

High Value / High Impact

Long Term Growth / Slow Build

Have To’s / Commitments

Time wasters / No immediate need

Now, here’s the fun part!  Once you’ve got everything into your quadrants, place a * by three things.  These are the most important things to get done this week.

I hope that you try this little exercise and get set to WIN big!


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