Strong Culture: Annual Wellness Program

Strong Culture = Strong Support 


Strong Candidates:

This offering is ideal for organizations who understand the value of a healthy, strong workforce and who want to create a culture of health.  This process takes time.  When done properly, corporate wellness programs can give a ROI of $6:1!

We work best with organizations of 50-500 employees or with multiple locations/ business units.

We provide in-house consulting based on a half-day or daily rate to work with your internal health / safety / HR committee to bring Strong Health to your team.

We custom-build each client wellness program and content taking into account the following:

  • Key areas identified from our onsite consultations, intake surveying, feedback and client suggestions, health indicators, demographic, sector and demands of the job.

Strong Program Features:

  • Our Strong Culture– annual program sets itself apart from the field and the competition
  • Our annual clients receive bi-annual, Strong Team– wellness days
  • Up to 3 speaking / conference days (exclusive of travel)
  • Ongoing Strong Support through our virtual platform,
  • Bi-weekly newsletters
  • 24/7 ask-anything-access to our team of health experts and Olympians.

Strong Benefits:

  • Engaged and healthy workforce
  • Happy employees
  • Active, productive employees
  • Improved sense of team and community
  • Improved client interactions and customer service
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Decreased perceived stress
  • Improved energy and mood
  • Increased focus and capacity
  • Increased confidence


Upcoming Events

Event Name Date Time
Book Launch! Strong Beauty: Power Up the Champion Within March 8th, 2018 10:00am-11:00am DetailsTickets
LEAD Yourself for the WIN! November 3rd, 2017 4:00-5:00pm DetailsTickets
IWF World Leadership Conference October 24-28th, 2017 DetailsTickets
She EO! Activator Breakfast October 20, 2017 8:00-9:30am DetailsTickets
Progress Women of Excellence Awards November 16th, 2017 5:30-9pm DetailsTickets

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