This is a picture of Promise, my golden retriever!  He is the namesake for my business.  He reminds me of what’s important in life to me:

My promise to performance is rooted in my values and vision.  Being my best self, every time I show up.



  • Abundance and fun

  • Authenticity and connection

  • Inspiration

  • Accountability



Everyone inspired to go after their big goals, and supporting them with skills and tools as they navigate challenge so that they can realize their own champion within.

On the start lines of life, one needs courage, confidence, self-belief and grit.

As an Olympic athlete I had to overcome challenge, self-doubt and fear.

I’m passionate about speaking to audiences and guiding them to power up their inner winner!

When you implement positive health practices, positive mindsets, things just click.

You start to believe in yourself, your team and your big goals.

You essentially transform your performance on any start line.